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Welcome to the

Birth Cottage

The Birth Cottage now has two completely independent, free-standing birth centers in New Hampshire. We are located in Milford and our NEW location in Salem. We offer a comfortable, peaceful, and safe place to labor and birth.

Welcome to the

Birth Cottage

Although the Birth Cottages are completely independent, free-standing birth centers, they are part of an integrated network of coordinated maternity care and supportive practitioners.


The Birth Cottage has been providing family-centered care for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and well-body since 2002. Our facility welcomes all people who believe, as we do, that pregnancy and birth are joyous and natural events in the life of a family. Although the Birth Cottage is a completely independent, free-standing birth center, it is part of an integrated network of coordinated maternity care and supportive practitioners.



The Birth Cottage offers full prenatal and postpartum care in a warm, family-friendly environment.  We focus on education, true informed consent and shared decision making every step of the way.


Well-Body Care

The Birth Cottage provides full scope well-body care and services, including full gynecological services, contraceptive care, breast health, yearly physicals, lab work, and primary care.


Breastfeeding Support

The Birth Cottage Midwives are committed to supporting a close & healthy nursing relationship. We emphasize early breastfeeding initiation, provide unlimited support, and employ an IBCLC and have peer groups as part of our care team.  We have breastfeeding rates of 99.2% at 6 weeks!


Welcome to the Birth Cottage

The Birth Cottages are free-standing birth centers located in Milford and Salem, NH, owned and operated by Adrian Feldhusen, NHCM, CPM.  Located in the heart of south-central New Hampshire and close to the Monadnock mountains, their quaint town atmosphere and old-world charm welcome guests and birthing families.

Both of our birth centers boast two spacious and beautiful birth suites complete with birthing tubs.  Each suite is equipped with a queen-size bed, private bathroom, and comfortable furnishings.  The Birth Cottages are some of the only facilities that offer water birth in the State of New Hampshire.

We offer full-scope midwifery services for families from prenatal care, labor, birth, and through the postpartum period.  In addition, well-body care throughout the lifespan is integrated into our practice for all ages.  We are now booking for both locations!  Call us to schedule your appointment today.  Tours and office visits are NOW available weekly at both locations.  Open house information for Salem will be posted shortly.  Anticipating tiny additions there in Fall, 2019!

About Us

We strive to be a model for out of hospital birth, providing safe, full scope maternity care to low risk families in a home like setting. The birth center is a resource in our local and wider communities for education about the Midwifery Model of Care©, the benefits of continuity of care, and the importance of restoring dignity and humanity to the experience of birth. We strive to provide low cost, high quality midwifery care throughout the lifespan.

We look forward to caring for your family during this exciting time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is birth safe outside the hospital?

Several large, well-structured studies of this issue confirm that out-of-hospital birth attended by a trained, skilled midwife presents no increased risk to mothers or babies. According to the national non-profit organization Childbirth Connection, “At the present time, we do not have evidence that hospital care offers clear safety benefits for low-risk childbearing families, and studies consistently find that it involves higher rates of intervention than other settings.”

All midwives and students at The Birth Cottage maintain current certification in life-saving skills for mother and baby, and have been trained in the identification and management of emergencies.

Do you take my insurance?

We are contracted with most insurance companies and with Medicaid. Please call our office for further information regarding your insurance coverage. We also offer a sliding scale and/or flexible payment plans for families who are cash-paying, or who have a high deductible. Many plans do cover our services in full; when you visit for a tour or make your first appointment, our office staff will assist you in determining what your plan does and does not cover.

Do you deliver VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) at the Birth Center?

We are pleased to assist women making an informed choice for VBAC. NH guidelines for VBAC can be found at Scroll down to Mid 503.

Do you offer water birth at your facilities?

Absolutely!  Our spacious tubs are part of our routine birth experience.  The safety of waterbirth has been well established through rigorous studies and provide significant pain relief during labor.  The largest study on waterbirth found no harm to babies, and can be read here:

Who You Bring to Your Birth

The Birth Cottage encourages you to bring whomever you like to your birth. Doulas, partners and other supportive people are welcome. Our family room is available for loved ones who may not be in your room with you throughout your entire labor, and is equipped with comfortable furniture to wait during long births. Our waiting room has a play area with toys for any expectant siblings you bring along- all we ask is that children have an appointed adult caregiver. We also ask that you bring at least one person whose only job is to support you, be it your partner, friend, family member, or doula.

If you are interested in birthing at our birth center, you can view our facility here.


We look forward to caring for your family during this exciting time

We look forward to caring for your family during this exciting time

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