The Birth Cottage LLC

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The Birth Cottage midwives are committed to preserving the art and science of midwifery for future generations of women.

Students at our birth center have completed the didactic portion of their education. At this time, we accept students from MEAC-accredited programs.

Applicants for student placement should already possess a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of midwifery and women's health, and be prepared to work in a busy, broad-scope practice. Placements last between 3-12 months.

We also offer limited observation hours for student nurses. Midwifery and nursing students enrolled in graduate-level programs have used the center as a research site, or for project-based work in women's health and community health.

Student inquiries should be directed to:

Inquiries must include a resume of birth and/or healthcare related experience and letter of introduction.

Office hours:
Monday, Thursday 9-3:30
Tuesday, Wednesday 12-6:30