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Birthing at Your Home

When you choose a home birth with our midwives you are choosing to birth in your own space, on your own terms, supported by your loved ones and embracing one of the most intimate and life changing experiences a family can have. Giving birth at home, you can seamlessly transition from early labor to active labor and birth, without the interruption of a car ride. Once the baby is born, you’re already home and don’t have to buckle your brand new baby into a car seat before you can settle into life with your new family member.

Home Birth Care

Typically, when you give birth at home, you and your friends, family or doula complete early labor at home. The midwives arrive at your house when you are in active labor and offer labor support and monitor your wellbeing. We encourage you to drink, eat, and labor in whichever variety of positions is most comfortable. We offer comfort measures in labor and facilitate the peaceful and safe delivery of the baby. Once the baby is born we continue to monitor you and your baby and help you establish feeding and bonding. Routine and emergency procedures, tests and medications are available for you and baby, if needed. We stay with you at your home until you are stable, have had a meal, and are ready for a recovery nap.

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Whether you plan to birth at home or at our birth center, we offer high quality prenatal and postpartum care in our office in Milford. We also visit you in your home for your 36 week prenatal appointment to review your birth plan and deliver your birth kit and optional rental AquaDoula birthing pool.

After the baby is born, all of our clients receive home visits during the first 3 days after the baby is born so that you can receive any desired routine testing and breastfeeding support, while staying in your own bed, focusing on recovery and bonding.

Our Area of Coverage

We attend home births within a 30 mile radius of Milford, an area that extends from southern New Hampshire into Massachusetts. We encourage you to review your insurance benefits for exclusions for home birth to ensure coverage.

In order to adequately serve all our clients, we limit the number of home births per month. Because of this, we encourage you to register early in your pregnancy if you think you may want a home birth. You can always change your mind and come to our cozy birth center!

Safety of Homebirth

Our staff are specifically trained and experienced in home birth and bring all the same equipment to your home as is available in the birth center setting. In preparation for birth, we always review the emergency plans that are specific to your location. If you are concerned about any aspect of the safety of giving birth in your home, including your proximity to a hospital or the chance of inclement winter weather, we encourage you to contact us with questions.

Legality of Home Birth

The overall home birth rate in the USA has been rising steadily for over a decade and, yes, birthing in your home is a right protected by New Hampshire law!

"The practice of midwifery has been a part of the culture and tradition of New Hampshire since colonial days and it is in the public interest to remove impediments to the practice of midwifery...It is the intent of the general court to preserve the rights of women to deliver children at home, to remove obstacles to safe out-of-hospital deliveries, and to assure quality care...The general court acknowledges that the services of a certified midwife are a reasonable alternative for healthy pregnant women.” --New Hampshire RSA

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