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Birthing at our Birth Center

When you choose to give birth at our birth center you are choosing to give birth in a home-away-from-home.

Since 2005 we have offered a comfortable, peaceful, and safe place to labor and birth on your own terms. Our midwives believe in your innate self-knowledge and strive to help you give birth with confidence and strength. Hundreds of babies have been born here over the years, and The Birth Cottage midwives combine a warm and welcoming style of practice with the convenience of a centrally-located birth center.

Your Stay at the Birth Center

Usually, when you give birth at our birth center, you and your friends, family or doula complete early labor at home. In active labor, when you are ready for more support, you and your chosen companions arrive at the birth center and settle into one of our comfortable birthing suites.

Once you arrive, our midwives care for you, offering labor support and monitoring your and baby’s well being. We encourage laboring women to eat, drink and labor in whichever variety of positions is most comfortable. We offer comfort measures in labor, and help facilitate a peaceful and safe birth for both mother and baby.

Once your baby is born we continue to monitor you and your baby and help you establish breast feeding and bonding. Routine and emergency procedures, tests and medications are available for you and baby, if needed. After you are both are stable and you have enjoyed one of our freshly prepared meals, you can be released to rest and recover in the comfort of your own home, typically 3-6 hours after birth.

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Whether you plan to birth at home or at our birth center, we offer high quality prenatal and postpartum care in our offices in Milford and Salem.

After your baby is born, all of our clients receive home visits for the first 3 days postpartum so that you can receive any desired routine testing, procedures and breastfeeding support while staying in your own bed, focusing on recovery and bonding.

Who You Bring to Your Birth

The Birth Cottage encourages you to bring whomever you like to your birth. Doulas, partners and other supportive people are welcome. Our family room is available for loved ones who may not be in your room with you throughout your entire labor, and is equipped with comfortable furniture to wait during long births. Our waiting room has a play area with toys for any expectant siblings you bring along- all we ask is that children have an appointed adult caregiver. We also ask that you bring at least one person whose only job is to support you, be it your partner, friend, family member, or doula.

If you are interested in birthing at our birth center, you can view our facility here.

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